Tahoe Psychedelic Society

seeks to demystify the science and destigmatize the exploration of non-ordinary states for mental health.  

We host events, share knowledge, and welcome all to intentionally explore the possibilities of altered states of consciousness.  We support harm reduction efforts, psychedelic decriminalization, and open dialogue about altered states.

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LGBTQIA+ Veteran Retreat: Male-Identifying Participants Needed

Heroic Hearts Project is excited to announce its inaugural special program for the LGBTQIA+ Veteran Community. The first cohort will attend a retreat in March 2024, and the second cohort will attend in June.

We need 5 male-identifying participants for the June retreat.

This 7-week program will consist of professional group and individual preparation and integration sessions and an 8-day/7-night plant medicine retreat in Central Mexico, augmented with a population-specific psycho-education training module, specialized movement and meditation instruction, and..waterfalls, which--in our book--rank highly among nature's greatest medicines.

LGBTQIA+ Veterans often faced unique challenges throughout their time in service, ranging from suppression of Self to targeted physical or sexual assault, bullying, name-calling, dehumanization, and even officially sanctioned punitive actions via the UCMJ. Even those who may have seemed to have completed their service "unscathed" still had to live a life where they pledged to honor, serve, and support an organization that regularly reminded them (through actions, words, and deeds) how

"wrong" or "messed up" they were because their sexual expression was beyond the accepted norm. Heroic Hearts will be creating a safe space and dedicating a program to contribute to the healing journey of veterans who survived these struggles.

If you are a veteran who identifies as LGBTQIA+ and you would like to join a group of like individuals in a program designed to address your unique military traumas, then we invite you to submit your application via the Heroic Hearts Project website: https:// heroicheartsproject.org/veteran-programs/

Please be sure to click "LGBTQIA+" under the Special Populations tab in the application to ensure your application lands in the right inbox!

*Note: As with all HHP Special Population Programs, the LGBTQIA + Program will not focus solely on LGBTQIA+ military

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Breath of Fire and Sound bath

Connect with your breath, get out of your mind, and into your body with Firefighter Randy Gates

Monday, Feb 26 @  6:30 - 8:30 PM Lift Wellness Workspace, Truckee, CA

Leadership and Psychedelics

Dr. Michelle Feldman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Psychedelic and Consciousness Consultant based in SF and Truckee. Learn key principles Dr. Feldman uses with clients to become more effective leaders and create more meaningful lives.  The talk will also be available on YouTube after the event.  

Wednesday, Feb 28 @  6:00 - 7:30 PM Lift Wellness Workspace, Truckee, CA

Transformational Breathwork and Sound bath

Connect with your breath, get out of your mind, and into your body with Rebekah Huitema

Wednesday, Mar 13 @  6:00 - 7:30 PM Lift Wellness Workspace, Truckee, CA

We are building community, providing education, promoting risk management, and advocating for policy reform.


We provide learning opportunities related to the science and safer exploration of altered states of consciousness. 

If you are interested in a particular topic or would like to share a lesson at an upcoming meeting, please reach out at info@tahoepsychedelic.org 


We host monthly meet ups. Connect with others in the Tahoe area interested in psychedelics and altered states of consciousness. 

We value respect, compassion,  integrity, diversity, confidentiality, and curiosity.  We welcome all people - from the experienced to the just curious. 


We advocate for the freedom of individuals to make health related choices for themselves and their families. In particular, the freedom to grow and take natural medicines to heal. 

 We collaborate with local, state, and national initiatives to support sensible drug policy and decriminalization.

If you are interested in other local groups, check out the Sierra Psychedelic Society for more local events and meet ups.